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Hi, I’m Jared Nelsen
I’m a Software Engineer and Computer Scientist

I am truly passionate about Software Engineering as a profession. I love Computer Science as both a vehicle for learning and creativity and believe it to be a powerful lense through which to view life and the world. I have over 6 years of experience as a Software Engineer in a broad range of industries and have delivered valuable solutions across multiple technolgy stacks and paradigms. I ruthlessly pursue technical excellence through personal discipline, consistent research into new ideas, and the love of learning. My focus is to maximize value on my team, in my daily work, and in my personal relationships.

My Mission

My professional mission is to drive impactful value in the products and technologies I work on, to advance the state of the art in technology through learning and experimentation, and to accelerate others through servant leadership and teaching.

My Tools


Clojure is my preferred and primary language. I think it is one of the most powerful technologies I use as it promotes simplicity, is endlessly flexible, and results in clean and safe software. I’ve used Clojure to build complex and powerful simulation and machine learning algorithms, build reliable web servers, and write business logic at scale.


I’ve worked extensively with Java having written it across the stack with Spring Boot RESTful services, Swing Desktops, RPC back-end logic, algorithms, and libraries. Despite Java’s repuation for being a bit clunky I’ve found it to be a reliable solution when it comes to large projects that need to stand the test of time.


Python has been a valuable tool for me in many situations. I find its clarity and speed of development as real assets for various projects. With Python I’ve written reliable scripts for automation and data processing, micro back-ends with Flask, simulations, and machine learning algorithms with Tensorflow.


During my time as an embedded Software Engineer C++ proved its worth. I wrote electronic control algorithms, multithreaded OS-level applications, and embedded graphics libraries. When speed and performance matter the most I look to C++.


Flutter has been a valuable addition to my skillset. It allows me to write beautiful and performant user interfaces for the Web, mobile, and desktop with one language, Dart. I’ve published a mobile app and have written Web front ends for research projects. Flutter offers Object Oriented programmers the chance to write professional level user interfaces using their experience without having to learn the vast Javascript ecosystem.


I am proficient and experienced in both SQL and NoSQL databases. I’ve designed complex table architectures and stood up databases in the cloud from scratch. I’ve worked with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, and Firebase.


I’ve spent significant time developing event driven systems using Kafka having programmed against it directly, maintained it in production, and migrated clusters from on-prem to the cloud.


In my spare time I perform research into various topics in Computer Science and Machine Learning. My primary interests lie in Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks.

Currently, I am researching Associative Memory as a vehicle for computation. My current approach is one of evolving digital circuity that act as memory structures.